Electrical Services In The Bronx, NY


An electrical problem can prove to be a nightmare when it affects your home appliances. You can’t afford to wait for too long without having the problem fixed, and hence you need to find yourself a top electrician in the Bronx, NY who is reliable and efficient. At James Lewis Electrical, we take great pride in our ability to give you the services that you need, and at a price that won’t hurt your pocket.

We provide electrical installation and repair services for commercial, residential, and industrial establishments. We offer comprehensive electrical maintenance services to ensure your appliances are working efficiently all year round.

Emergency Electrician

Is your power line giving you problems? We are your #1 emergency electrician in Bronx, NY. Call us right away with any emergencies that you might have regarding power lines or lights, and our team will reach out to you within the hour. We have been in the business since 2019, and our team has many years of experience dealing with different types of electrical problems. There is nothing that our lectricians in the Bronx, NY won’t be able to fix quickly and efficiently, without causing damage to either you or your appliances.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

If your old electrical panel is giving you problems, it might be best to have it replaced. This ensures that all appliances are being fed electricity efficiently and allows for a smoother flow of power into them. At James Lewis Electrical, we provide services for electrical panel upgrades in Bronx, NY. We will install the new panel to ensure that your appliances are getting their power supply without giving you any disappointment.

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Commercial Electrician Services

We are your best choice when it comes to hiring a commercial electrician in Bronx, NY. No job is too big or small for us. Our team will install, replace or repair all of your appliances with efficiency and at reasonable prices. We also do installations and replacements of panel boards for offices, industries, and other establishments.

The Main Service Line provides power to all appliances inside of your establishment, be it commercial or residential. If the main service installation is not performed correctly there are chances of loss of electricity supply in your Bronx, NY office. Our team can install or replace the panel boards that operate on main supply lines efficiently without any disruptions to your business. We also provide services for repairing wires and circuits to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Is your business suffering from low lighting? Call us and we will send over a team to check your lights and replace the faulty ones. This ensures that you have a regular supply of electricity, as well as ample light for day-to-day activities at your place of work. As part of lighting installation services in Bronx, NY, we also provide testing services to ensure that all your lighting units are working properly.

To ensure that you have enough power outlets to plug your electrical appliances into, it is best to have them installed during the construction of your business or office. At James Lewis Electrical, we install convenience power outlets in commercial complexes for this reason in Bronx, NY. We also provide services for repairing and replacing faulty outlets.

Many establishments and businesses in Bronx, NY are now turning to solar energy as a means of reducing their electricity bills. We provide installation and maintenance services for commercial solar panels at reasonable rates. As a leading solar installation company in Bronx, NY, we also offer services for repairing and replacing faulty solar panels that prevent your business from using alternative sources of power.

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Residential Electrician Services

Residential applications are our specialty. If you need any electrical appliance installed, replaced, or repaired, you can count on us for all your needs. Our residential electrical services in Bronx, NY include installation of extra outlets and ceiling fans; upgrading to circuit breakers; repairing damaged wires; installing smoke detectors; fixing faulty switches, panels and sockets; replacing blown fuses; testing for electrical issues; etc. Some of our top services are as follows:

When building a new house or setting up an old one, it is important to hire professionals who provide reliable residential wiring services for your electrical appliances in the Bronx, NY home. With our qualified team on board, you can be sure that your home will have efficient wires to support all sorts of appliances and equipment.

Do you need lights installed in your home? We are the best people to call. We carry out lighting & power installation in Bronx, NY by installing new light fixtures or replacing the bulbs in your existing ones. We also carry out testing to ensure that all your lighting and power units are working properly.

Are you interested in using solar energy to power your homes and businesses? We offer cost-effective residential solar panel installation in Bronx, NY. Our experts will install the required wiring and connect your solar system to the power grid.

We will install smoke detectors in your home to make sure that you are alerted of fire emergencies. Our residential smoke detector installation services in Bronx, NY include testing them regularly to ensure they are working properly. This protects against high repair costs after an emergency where you cannot be reached during work hours.

Are you looking for a new intercom system to improve communication in your home? Searching home intercom system installers near me or in Bronx, NY? We install and repair intercom systems at affordable rates. We also provide services for repairing faulty doorbells, installing intercom speakers, and more.

Electric Car Charger Installation

Do you live in a house with more than one car? By getting electric car charger installation in Bronx, NY, you can ensure that all your cars get charged. We will also provide you with solar energy-powered car charging units for your convenience. Call us today to schedule an appointment for this service.

Residential Generators Installation

Home generators are not just for safety against power outages. They also come in handy during holidays and social gatherings when your home may need extra lighting and appliances to be powered at all times. When you call us for the residential generator installation in Bronx, NY, we install the best brands of hang-on generators that do not require much space or major construction efforts on your part.

Light Fixture Installation & Repair

We are your best choice when it comes to light fixture installation services in Bronx, NY. We will install all sorts of lighting fixtures including ceiling fans, pendants, chandeliers, or even custom lights designed to meet your specific needs.

Residential Lighting Fixture

Call us today for residential lighting fixture services by experienced electrical technicians in Bronx, NY. We have a wide range of units to fit every need, including ceiling fans, lamps, pendants, chandeliers, lights for garages and sheds.

Do you want the electrical issue to be resolved quickly? If your answer is yes, you should approach James Lewis Electrical in Bronx, New York. Call 347-365-3166 to experience our amazing services.