Smoke Detector Installation in Brooklyn, NY


Smoke Detector Installation Service in Brooklyn, NY

Smoke detectors are a must-have for everyone, but there's no need to underestimate their importance. Call us now!

If you’ve just moved into an apartment and want smoke detectors, check it out first. If they already exist but haven’t been properly installed, that’s something we can look into. James Lewis Electrical has experience in this area and will ensure your smoke detectors are mounted correctly. We will also perform smoke detector installation in Brooklyn, NY that involves installing detectors in the required places.

It only takes a few moments for fires to start and spread, so it’s important to be as prepared as possible. You can call our talented experts at 347-934-2318 if you have any questions about smoke detectors or would like to schedule a residential smoke detector installation in Brooklyn, NY.

If you are looking for a residential electrician in Brooklyn, NY, contact James Lewis Electrical at 347-934-2318.

Benefits Of Installing Smoke Detectors!

A smoke detector warns you when there’s a fire in your home or apartment with an alarm. The beeping sound of the smoke detector is distinct and loud enough to draw attention to any danger in the area. Smoke detectors are essential tools that can save your life, especially if they are working correctly.

If you are searching for a smoke detector installation near me or for your Brooklyn, NY home or apartment you’re moving into, you should call the James Lewis Electrical team. If the previous tenant left their smoke detectors behind, we can also take them out and replace them with new ones. A regular inspection of your smoke detector will ensure it is always in good condition and ready to sound the alarm when necessary.

Smoke detector installation cost in Brooklyn, New York varies depending on the brand and type you choose. However, most people find it is worth the price for this important safety device.

Call 347-934-2318 or contact James Lewis Electrical online to schedule any kind of residential electrical services in Brooklyn, NY.

Signs You Need To Service Your Smoke Detector!

If your smoke detector is making a chirping noise or has stopped working, we will be happy to take a look and solve the problem for you. We will check all of the functions and replace the batteries if necessary.

We also provide a residential smoke detector service in Brooklyn, NY that can fix any malfunctions or damage to your current device. This may be something we’re able to do without replacing the entire unit. Call us and let us know more about what’s going on with yours so James Lewis Electrical can inspect it for you.

To receive a free estimate on smoke detector installation services in Brooklyn, NY, call us now at 347-934-2318!


There are several different types of smoke detectors available on the market, so it is important to know which one is best for your needs. The three most common types of smoke detectors are ionization, photoelectric, and dual-sensor detectors.
The cost of a smoke detector installation will vary depending on the type of detector you choose and the size of your home.
The best smoke detector installation is one that meets the specific needs of your home and family. For example, if you have a large home, you may need more than one type of smoke detector.