EV Car Charger Installation in Brooklyn, NY


EV Car Charger Installation Service in Brooklyn, NY

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Do you wish to charge your electric vehicle when you are at home in your garage? This is easy if you have a wall-mounted charging station. You can also install an energy-producing car charger that creates electricity for your vehicle when your car is parked on the spot where the charger is located. James Lewis Electrical is a licensed and bonded electrical contractor in Brooklyn, NY. We offer a wide range of services, including commercial and residential electric car charger installation in Brooklyn, NY. Our specialties include the installation of both wall-mounted and outdoor charging stations for electric vehicles.

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Benefits Of Having EV Car Chargers At Home

EV car chargers in your home can help you save money on gas and electricity. Of course, it depends on whether or not your electric vehicle has a small battery that charges quickly. Nevertheless, even if the battery is large and charges slowly, having an energy-producing car charger in your garage will still offer you significant savings. Some of the benefits of opting for the best electric car charger installation in Brooklyn, NY are as follows:

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What Are The Factors That Influence Electric Car Charger Installation Cost?

Several factors affect the electric charger installation cost in Brooklyn, NY and they include:

In general, a garage or parking space located outdoors can have an electric car charger installed for anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500. This figure includes parts and labor. For a wall-mounted charger in your home or office that uses solar power, you can expect the installation cost to be around $5,000.

While we specialize in the installation of both types of charging stations, we only use quality components and materials. To learn more about the electric car chargers that James Lewis Electrical offers, call us at 347-934-2318.

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