Panel Upgrades in Brooklyn, NY



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If you need any electrical service, the best place to call is James Lewis Electrical. Whether it be the installation of new wiring or electrical panel upgrade in Brooklyn, NY, you can rely on our technicians for their expertise and skill. We are happy to provide references and licenses upon request and we offer free estimates. We are professional electricians who can install any size of electrical panel you require. Our staff has experience in different types of wiring to ensure that your home will be safe when we leave.

Our electrical panel upgrade cost in Brooklyn, NY is affordable and you won’t be overcharged. We are upfront with our customers in letting them know how much their electrical panel upgrade would cost so that there will not be any unpleasant surprises when the work has been completed.

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When Should We Consider While Upgrading The Electrical Panel?

You will need to consider a panel upgrade in Brooklyn, NY residence if you notice that the circuits are overloaded when they are in use. This can cause overheating and could lead to fire or other safety concerns. You should be aware of how many amps your home draws from each outlet so that you know what size panel to get. It is also important to evaluate the cost to upgrade panels in Brooklyn, NY as it varies from one project to another.

Some of the panel upgrades services we offer are as follows:

We can repair your electrical panel in case any of the circuit breakers have tripped. Panel upgrade repair in Brooklyn, NY happens in the event of a power surge. During this time, our electricians will be able to get your panel up and running again.

If your electrical panel is damaged or old, our electricians will be able to replace it with a brand new one. Our panel upgrade replacement in Brooklyn, NY can also help you save money in the long run since we always use the latest and most efficient technologies available. Contact us now for any concerns that you may have with your home’s electrical system!

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If your electrical panel is already functional but you want to get a better handle of how much electricity it takes, our team can install new upgrade breakers in Brooklyn, NY for you. You will be able to monitor the electricity usage in each area of your home and prevent overload that may lead to short-circuiting or fires.

Our upgrade circuit breakers cost in Brooklyn, NY is much less than what other companies will charge so you should contact James Lewis Electrical as soon as possible!

Do you feel unsure whether or not you need an electrical panel upgrade in Brooklyn, NY? Schedule an appointment for our electricians to provide expert guidance on your upgrade service today. Call 347-934-2318 for more information.


Upgrades to your electrical panel, or service panel, are usually required when you make significant changes to your home’s electrical system.
The average cost for an electrician to upgrade an electrical panel in Brooklyn, NY is $2,500.
The average time for an electrician to upgrade an electrical panel in Brooklyn, NY is 4-6 hours.